What does the Transportation Research Council do?

The Transportation Research Council examines issues central to the existence of an efficient and secure continental freight transportation system that will enhance North American competitiveness in the 21st century.

The Council’s activities focus on the delivery of information, policy assessments and options to key transportation stakeholders in industry and government.

The Council also organizes programs to support the education and training of professionals in North American transportation and supply chain management.

It facilitates collaboration among North American transportation research institutions and between transportation industry executives and urban region leaders and the North American transportation research community.

The Council will have a strong focus on implementation. We hope that policy makers will understand that freight transportation systems can no longer be thought of primarily in national terms and that a North American freight transportation strategy must build on the reality of a deeply integrated continental economy.

The Council, in cooperation with industry and government leaders, will seek to create a dialogue among transportation industry leaders and experts representing different regional, modal and industry perspectives, a dialogue that will not only produce recommendations for action but also will build a broad based constituency that will actively support the implementation of these recommendations